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buttercup sloth

Volunteering at the Baby Sloths Sanctuary, Costa Rica


buttercup sloth

Update 20th January 2014: as the official site alerts, the Baby Sloths Sanctuary has permanently closed the volunteer program on August 1, 2013 :( It’s a pity!

This is Buttercup: she’s one of the sloths you could get to know by volunteering at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica.

What do volunteers do at the sanctuary?
Play with the sloths, exercise the juvenile sloths, clean cages, measure daily food input and output, prepare food and help with sloth husbandry in a variety of ways; maintain and clear sloths’ jungle paths; reseeding; increase awareness about sloth conservation and about the sanctuary, also through blogging and social media.

Where do volunteers live?
Volunteers live in campus housing at the Sloth Sanctuary near Limon, Costa Rica.

How much is it?
$48.00 per person per day; part of the daily fee is used to support food and lodging, the other part is a donation to the sloths sanctuary. By paying this fee, you’ll get:
- Accommodation and food
- Laundry, once a week
- Linen change and maid service, once a week
- Opportunity to work with sloths and other local flora and fauna
- Opportunity to educate
- Opportunity to practice Spanish
- One day off per week
- Free use of canoes and rain forest trails, after daily work
- Opportunity to explore local rain forest paths
- Access to local experts
- WiFi – internet access

How to volunteer
Interested in volunteering, just like how I am now? Than I suggest that you read the official “Become a volunteer” section, on the Sloth Sanctuary’s website.

See you in Costa Rica!

Photo: Leiflet on Flickr