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Baby sloths sanctuary, Costa Rica


Ok I want a baby sloth right now. Or, actually: I want to visit the sloth sanctuary in Aviarios del Caribe,  Costa Rica.

It’s the world’s only sloth orphanage, and here Luis Arroyo and her wife Judy take care of 2- and 3-fingered baby sloths whose mothers have died, often run over or killed by power lines.

This video was uploaded on Youtube by one of my favourite TV channels, Animal Planet, as part of a sloth documentary you can find out more about on

The whole “” project is the result of a woman fulfilling her dreams: Lucy Cooke traveled 5000 miles to a sleepy corner of Costa Rica to meet this animal she first saw on Youtube, then uploaded this other video about sloths, got popular and was contacted by Animal Planet.

So, you: get out and fulfill your dream. Now!

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