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Birdwatching in Florence, Italy

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At the moment I’m living in Florence, Italy, even though I will move to another Italian city within the end of the month. This morning I went out for a walk, and I got very surprised when, all of a sudden, I realized there were herons around me.

I didn’t expect to spot these birds so near to a city centre, but I got really amazed because I’ve got a grey heron tattooed on my back, and this bird is really dear to me.

The first heron I spotted was, in fact, this grey one, on the top of a tree:

then I noticed this white one:


and I finally spotted this last one:


This unexpected birdwatching made my day, so I hope with this post I can encourage you to go out and change your everyday perspective. Look at the sky: maybe there’s a bird who’ll make your day, too!

Enjoy the wilderness downtown.