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December 9, 2014
by thewildlifetraveller

How much do you know about endangered animals?


Which one is greater, David Beckham’s football career or the life expectancy of a Gorilla? Are there more or less bamboo lemurs in the world than people in Madonna’s entourage? Which is worth more, Giorgio Armani’s business portfolio or the illegal trade of rhino horns and elephant a tusk? Continue Reading →

August 22, 2014
by thewildlifetraveller

Orangutan release program: interview to volunteers

Borneo volunteer orangutan

As some of you may already know, I’ve recently volunteered at Phillip Island Nature Parks, where I met some extraordinary people. Two of  them are Rich (I worked with him at the Koala Conservation Centre) and his girlfriend Mindy. This wonderful couple is now ready to pack it all in and go to Borneo to volunteer at the Orangutan Release Program, so I asked them how they managed to do that and how they feel. Continue Reading →